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Dr. Terzis in the prestigious Forbes 2020 list of 30Under30 Europeans

— Congratulations! On behalf of EPFL’s Soil Mechanics laboratory (LMS), we are thrilled to announce that our post-doc scientist, Dimitrios Terzis, is in this year’s Forbes European Class of 30 Under 30, in the category Industry and Manufacturing.

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Energy tunnels: novelty in energy and building techniques

— An article on the recent advances in energy tunnels has appeared in Haustech magazine, which references the latest developments and news in the energy and building technology sector in Switzerland.

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LMS makes the headlines: limiting induced seismicity

— A recent article by researchers at the LMS has introduced a strategy to precondition the stress field of a potential Enhanced Geothermal System prior to stimulation. By altering the stress state, the eventual shear stimulation that is required to make the reservoir economical is predicted to be less likely to result in large seismic events.

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Enerdrape mentioned in the new issue of PME Magazine

— In the new issue of February 2020, PME Magazine highlights innovation and the future potential of Swiss PMEs in a special Foward 2020 report.

Multi-barrier concept of deep geological disposal of nuclear waste. source: LMS-EPFL. © 2020 LMS EPFL

Keynote lecture by Prof. Laloui at the Energy Geotechnics Conference

— Prof. Lyesse Laloui will deliver a Keynote lecture at the 2nd International Conference on Energy Geotechnics which will be held in La Jolla, California, in September 2020.

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Distinguished Lecture by Prof Laloui at Northwestern University

— Prof. Lyesse Laloui honored as a distinguished lecturer at the Northwestern Sustainability Summit on “Earth-Human Interactions: Sustainability and Development”, April 8th 2020.

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Prof. Laloui talks about innovation in Nouvelliste

— In an article in Le Nouvelliste, Prof. Lyesse Laloui talks about energy geostructures developed at the LMS.

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Prof. Lyesse Laloui awarded the 2020 Kersten Lecturer

— Prof. Lyesse Laloui will present the prestigious Kersten Lecture during a plenary session at the Geo-congress 2020 at Minneapolis, Minnesota on Thursday, February 27. The lecture is entitled: “Energy Geotechnology: A New Era for Geotechnical Engineering Practice”.

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Keynote lecture: Prof Laloui at the Geo-Banquet of Geo-Congress 2020

— MGS-GI and ASCE-MN jointly present the Geo-Banquet, held in conjunction with Geo-Congress 2020 during which Prof. Lyesse Laloui is invited to present his keynote lecture entitled “Tailor-made soil properties with novel bio-geo-chemical means”.

Laurent Vuillet is full professor at EPFL. © EPFL / iStock

Laurent Vulliet appointed to the Federal Geological Commission

— Laurent Vulliet, full professor at the Laboratory of Soil Mechanics at ENAC School, has just been appointed by the Federal Council as a member of the Federal Geological Commission for the period 2020-2023.

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