Congratulations to the new engineers of the LMS!

— 4 civil engineering master graduates at LMS.

Zeno Karl Schindler Award 2019 – Alessandro F. Rotta Loria

— Multiphysical and multiscale interactions between the built environment and the shallow subsurface

Keynote lecture by Prof. Laloui at XXVII CNG – Reggio Calabria 2020

— Prof. Lyesse Laloui will deliver a keynote lecture entitled “Energy from Underground Constructions” at XXVII CNG, taking place on the 22th – 24th June 2020 in Reggio Calabria, Italy.

Dr. Terzis talks about bio-cementation to the RTS

— Bio-cementation, harnessing the potential of bacteria in turning soil into rocks: Interview by the RTS with Dr. Dimitrios Terzis of the LMS.

Enerdrape wins 1st prize at the Swiss final of ClimateLaunchpad 2019

— The Enerdrape project, developed at the Laboratory of Soil Mechanics (LMS) at EPFL, won the first prize at the Swiss final of ClimateLaunchpad 2019.

Prof Laloui invited to give a conference by EPFL Alumni Morocco

— The EPFL Alumni Maroc community has invited Prof. Lyesse Laloui to discuss innovation and sustainable development during a Conference-Debate held in Casablanca on October 8th 2019.

GeoBrain receives Bridge's support for pilot projects

— The GeoBrain tool uses Machine Learning techniques to optimize shallow geothermal systems, a technology that is rapidly expanding in Switzerland and around the world. The support from BRIDGE will allow for the realisation of pilot projects in collaboration with major industrial partners such as Romande Energie, Energo and Viessmann.

Sustainable cooling of buildings thanks to energy geo-structures

— Energy geo-structures, coupling sustainable heating and cooling potentials, make the list of promising solutions at the service of swiss municipalities.

The LMS is recruiting !

— The LMS of EPFL is looking for 3 PhD candidates and 2 Post-Doc researchers in the area of Geomechanics and Energy Geotechnics.

Geothermal piles on the list of the 50 feats of EPFL in L'Illustré

— Geothermal piles, developed at the laboratory of soil mechanics (LMS) by Prof. Lyesse Laloui, are retained among the 50 feats of EPFL in celebration of its 50 years.

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