Available Projects for Students

We offer a variety of projects for students for both semester and master projects in the field of Micro- & Nanoengineering. Mostly, the proposed projects are linked to our ongoing research topics for PhD projects, postdocs or senior scientist, that are funded by EPFL or third party funds (SNF, CTI/KTI, EU, etc). In that way, the student is involved in real-life topics with clearly assigned tasks that are complementary but in collaboration with the laboratory's research staff. Alternatively, we also invite Master students to propose their own idea on the realization of a new technology or device in the field of Micro- & Nanoengineering. If you have a concrete idea, please don't hesitate to talk to Prof. J. Brugger directly or to one of the staff members to see if a Semester or Master project can be defined around the idea generated by you.


Thermal scanning probe lithography

Develop pattern transfer and lift-off processes for thermal scanning probe lithography or work on patterning with non-conventional polymers

Nanostructured Materials

Work on the simulation or measurement set-up for tunneling nanogap electrodes or explore the possibilities of Si nanomembranes

Polymer-derived ceramics

Study the possibilities of polymer-derived ceramics (PDCs) for implantable electrodes or MEMS


Wearable and implantable devices

Develop biodegradable drug delivery implants or work in triboelectric generators for wearable devices

Inkjet printing

Experiment with the inkjet printing and learn about the possibilities for chemiresistive gas sensing

Laser-induced forward transfer technique

Study the transferability of different materials using LIFT and explore possible applications


Security Features

Fabricate microlens arrays to obtain moirés for security applications