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Bubble dynamics and dissolution in microchannels
Dr. Javier Rivero, TIPs, Université Libre de Bruxelles.
ME B1 B10
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Transition to turbulence in bent pipes

Thursday the 8th March, 2018
Jacopo Canton Bio: Jacopo Canton is a PhD candidate at the Linné FLOW Centre, KTH Mechanics in Stockholm. His research focuses on the dynamics of transition to turbulence in low Reynolds number flows, but he has also worked on methods for drag reduction in fully turbulent flows. Canton has published in leading journals of his field, such as JFM and PRF, and presented his results at over 15 international conferences; in 2017 he was awarded the GKN Aero
MED 0 1418
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A homogenization strategy in fluid-structure interaction

Wednesday the 31st January, 2018
Dr Giuseppe Zampogna
MED 2 2423
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