Seminars in 2015

Prix Rhyming 2014: Modelling droplets flowing in microchannels

Friday the 4th December, 2015
Dr. Mathias Nagel, ETHZ
GCA 331
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The role of elasticity for swimming micro-organisms

Wednesday the 9th September, 2015
Eric Lauga, University of Cambridge
ME B10
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Energy harvesting using fluid-solid interactions

Tuesday the 8th September, 2015
Sébastien Michelin, Ecole Polytechnique, Palaiseau, France
ME B10
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Uncovering the hidden skeleton of flow transport

Wednesday the 10th June, 2015
Pr. Thomas Peacock is Associate Professor in Mechanical Engineering at MIT, USA. His current research interests are Internal Waves, Stratified Flows, Nonlinear Dynamics, Fluid Dynamics and Experimental Methods.
BM 1130
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Elasto-capillary windlass: from spider webs to synthetic meta-actuators

Tuesday the 17th February, 2015
Hervé Elettro
Room ME B331
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