Urban configuration and renewable energy

Contact: Nahid Mohajeri
Master of Science in Energy Management and Sustainability
In collaboration with: Solar Decathlon Europe Competition EPFL Team

Current MSc students: Bill Andreas, Jean-Philippe Crettaz, Vincent Fournier, Zhengchao Wang

Since the majority of the future population growth is expected to be in urban areas, one main question regarding energy management is how the urban form (geometry of mobility patterns, building configurations, size, shape, and scaling) affects the energy use and carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. This project proposes a multidisciplinary approach for analysing urban form and identifying the potentials of renewable energy (e.g. solar), through a combination of methods from GIS and geo-spatial tools and statistical modelling, in the view of managing energy efficiency in neighborhoods and urban areas. The focus of project is on the Villars – Sur – Glane and Fribourg sites.

investigated district of Fribourg

Annual solar irradiation model using LiDAR data and GIS (by Max Lucas Gantet and Morgane Minnig)

Completed semester project:
Max Lucas Gantet, Morgane Minnig, EPFL Middle East