Available Master & Term Projects

To apply please directly contact the relevant supervisor.

Theme Subject Supervisor Background Type of project
Urban climate Towards climate-resilient urban neighborhoods: assessment of urban densification scenarios under the impacts of climate change in Switzerland
description (pdf)
K. Javanroodi Architecture, Environment, Urban planning Semester
Urban climate Numerical simulations of urban microclimate under stratified and neutral flow conditions over a Realistic Urban Surface
description (pdf)
K. Javanroodi Mechanical Engineering, Fluid Dynamics, Engineering Semester
Building control Machine Learning on Users’ Interaction Behavior with Smart Blinds
description (pdf)
Y. Wu
A. Walch
Computer Science, Physics,
Electrical Eng.,
Building simulation Building Energy Management Dashboard and Data Analysis of the NEST SolAce unit
description (pdf)
R. Castello Computer Science, Civil Eng., Electrical Eng., Energy, Physics, Maths Master
Renewables Efficiency of solar cooking oven for high altitudes
description (pdf)
 A. Schüler Architecture, Civil Eng., Environmental Eng., Energy, Physics, Maths Master
Nanosolar applications Development of novel electrochromic material deposited by vacuum deposition for advanced windows
description (pdf)
A. Schüler Physics, Materials, Electrochemistry Master
Nanosolar applications Development of novel smart solar collector material by vaccum deposition
description (pdf)
A. Schüler Physics, Materials Microengineering Master

A list of completed master theses is available at www.epfl.ch/labs/leso/master_theses.