Bioanalytics and Analytical Sensors

Bioanalytics and analytical sensors (format PDF) Lecture 2011

Courses will be added before each lecture

Course 1: Affinity Sensors – Diffusion Adsorption

Course 2: Immunoassays – ELISA

Course 3: Immunoassays

Course 4: Microfluidics in Life Science Applications I

Course 5: Bioanalytics and Biosensors I

Course 6: Microfluidics in Life Science Applications II

Course 7: Microfluidics in Life Science Applications III

Course 8: Mass spec basics: MS-based Strategies for Protein Identification in Proteomics

Course 9: Two-Dimensional Gel Electrophoresis for Proteome Analysis

Course 10: Shotgun Proteomics
Exercice 1: Peptide mass fingerprinting exercise (Mass list)

Notes 1: Adsorption in Biosensors