12 December 2017 – Dr. Xiaoqin Zhong

Congratulations to Dr. Xiaoqin Zhong for having successfully defended her PhD thesis “New ionization and tagging methods for mass spectrometry”!

01-02 December 2017 – Christmas Party and Ski Day

LEPA enjoyed the pre-Christmas period with a Ski Day and Christmas Dinner in the Swiss Alps of the Valais.

31 October 2017 – Dr. Tzu-En Lin

Congratulations to Dr. Tzu-En Lin for having successfully defended her PhD thesis “Soft probes for bio-electrochemical imaging”! The certificate was handed over by her recent thesis co-director Dr. Andreas Lesch. The thesis supervisor has been Prof. Hubert H. Girault.

5 October 2017 – EPFL first poster prize for Marie Baudoz

Congratulations to Marie Baudoz for the first poster prize awarded by the EPFL for her master thesis entitled “Development of an electrochemical microtiter plate reader for ELISA using inkjet-printed electrodes”!

13 June 2017 – LEPA Martigny

Dr. Heron Vrubel made a tour at LEPA Martigny for our guest Professor Yumi Yoshida from the Kyoto Institute of Technology, Japan.

29-30 April 2017 – Scientastic Festival at EPFL Valais Wallis in Sion

LEPA presented SECM, 3D printing and redox flow batteries.

06 April 2017 – ISIC direction visiting LEPA Martigny

20 February 2017 – Birthday party for Prof. Hubert H. Girault

LEPA congratulated Prof. Hubert H. Girault on his 60th birthday (born 13 February 1957) with an apéro and a Wikipedia page written in all languages currently spoken in the laboratory!

25 January 2017 – Dr. Evgeny Smirnov

Congratulations to Evgeny Smirnov for having successfully defended his PhD thesis entitled: “Assemblies of gold nanoparticles at liquid-liquid interfaces: from liquid optics to electrocatalysis