December 2015 – Installation of a 200 kW Vanadium Redox Flow Battery 

Our new 200 kW vanadium redox flow battery has been installed in LEPA in Martigny.


10 December 2015 – Public defense of Alexandra Bondarenko’s PhD thesis 

Congratulations to Dr. Alexandra Bondarenko for having successfully defended her PhD thesis entitled “Electrochemical Sensing and Imaging of Biological Samples” under the supervision of Prof. Hubert H. Girault and co-direction of Dr. Fernando Cortés Salazar !

20 November 2015 – Public defense of Véronique Amstutz‘ PhD thesis 

Congratulations to Dr. Véronique Amstutz for having successfully defended her PhD thesis entitled “Redox flow battery and indirect water electrolysis” under the supervision of Prof. Hubert H. Girault!

09 October 2015 – Prof. Hubert H. Girault visiting Fudan University 

Prof. Hubert H. Girault visited the Analytical Chemistry group at Fudan University, China.

08 October 2015 – Award for Alexandra Bondarenko for her presentation at the ISE meeting 

Congratulations to Alexandra Bondarenko for being awarded the “Bioelectrochemistry‬ ‪student‬ ‪‎short‬ ‪‎talks‬ award‬ during” during the 66th Annual Meeting of the International Society of Electrochemistry (ISE) in Taipei, Taiwan!


25 August 2015 – Farewell party Liang Qiao 

After six years and eight months, including a six months master student internship, four years of PhD study, and two years and two months of postdoctoral research, LEPA says thank you and good bye to Dr. Liang Qiao!
Dr. Qiao is appointed by the “Young overseas high-level talents introduction plan” from the China Government as a Professor-Level Research Fellow and will join the Chemistry Department of Fudan University at Shanghai, China.
LEPA wishes all the best!


25 June 2015 – Hyundai Hydrogen Fuel Cell car in LEPA-Martigny 

During the seminar “Hydrogène: vision futuriste ou solution d’actualité?” organised by the Centre de recherches energetiques et municipales (CREM) Dr. Heron Vrubel and Prof. Hubert H. Girault took the chance to drive The Hydrogen Fuel Cell car from Hyundai. What a nice perspective to fuel the car with the hydrogen produced in our redox flow battery connected to our hydrogen generator!

24 June 2015 – New hydrogen reactor in Martigny under operation 

The new hydrogen reactor in LEPA Martigny using vanadium redox flow battery has successfully been started!

17 June 2015 – 48th Heyrovský Discussion in Třešť, Czech Repulic 

LEPA family photo at the BBQ party. From left to right: Prof. Yuanhua Shao, Prof. Hye Jin Lee, Andres Molina, Prof. Hiro Nagatani, Dr. Micheal Scanlon, Prof. Hubert H. Girault, Prof. Henrik Jensen, Evgeny Smirnov and Dr. Pekka Peljo.

11 June 2015 – PhD ceremony for Christopher Dennison at Drexel University  

Dr. Christopher Dennison, currently a post-doc in LEPA and a former PhD student at Drexel University, received his doctoral degree in Philadelphia, USA, on 11 June 2015.

10 May 2015 – Sion

Enjoying the environment of the new Energypolis building in Sion.

06 May 2015 – 2nd Poster Prize for Dr. Milica Jovic and Géraldine Stauffer

2nd poster prize for Dr. Milica Jovic and Géraldine Margaretha Alice Stauffer in the Annual NanoTera conference for their poster “Development of pH sensor by inkjet printing or layer-by-layer deposition of IrOx nanoparticles.” The contribution is part of the envirobot project. Congratulations!


01 May 2015 – Moving into the new campus EPFL-Valais, Energypolis, Sion

LEPA arrived in Sion and is looking forward to starting the first experiments and to welcoming the first guests!



28 April 2015 – Packing LEPA for the move to Sion

Almost everything is packed! LEPA is ready for the move into the new ‪‎EPFL‬-‪Valais‬ campus in ‪Sion‬! Looking forward to starting up our new labs in ‪Energypolis‬!


26 March 2015 – PhD ceremony for Milica Jovic at University of Belgrade

Dr Milica Jović, currently a Postdoc in LEPA and former PhD student at the University of Belgrade, Serbia, received her doctoral degree from University of Belgrade at a promotion ceremony.
More info: http://www.bg.ac.rs/sr/vest.php?id=419


13-26 March 2015 – CREApoly

Evgeny Smirnov demonstrates how to make art from science at EPFL’s CREApoly 2015. Evgeny’s masterpieces can be inspected from 13-26 March. http://culture.epfl.ch/CREApoly-2015_en


09 March 2015 – Charles‬ N‬. ‪Reilley‬ Award‬ for Prof. Hubert H. Girault‬

February 2015 – Congratulations to our master students

Congratulations to Mikaël Frossard, Geraldine Stauffer and Sunny Maye (from left to right) for having earned their EPFL Master’s degree in LEPA!


February 2015 – Impressions from the LEPA Ski Day

Traditionally, LEPA goes in winter for one day in the Valais for skiing, snowboarding and snowshoeing, so we did this year as well and afterwards we all enjoyed a very nice dinner together in the old town of Sion. LEPA thanks Alexandra Bondarenko for the organization of this excellent event!

13. February 2015 – Farewell party for Fernando Cortés Salazar

After eight years as PhD student, postdoc and scientific collaborator, LEPA says thank you and good bye to Dr. Fernando Cortés Salazar! Fernando will work as a project manager for ink development for inkjet printing in the company AGFA in Belgium. LEPA wishes all the best!