Six contributions in a row

March 2019
Our original-research and review contributions to:
(1) the inaugural Technological Corner in Trends in Biochemical Sciences,
(2) an opinion piece, “Genie in a bottle“, in Current Opinion in Chemical Biology (Chemical Genetics), and
(3) ChemBioTalents special issue in ChemBioChem, appear.
(4) Our chemical biology primer for the Rising Stars in Chemistry special issue in Frontiers in Chemistry, and
(5) our techniques review article for the Methods in Enzymology Synthetic Biology special issue, will soon emerge over the horizon.
(6) Getting to the heart of the problem: our collaborative research paper with the Nagorny Lab at U of Michigan, detailing SAR and mechanistic evaluations into the action of cardiac steroids was accepted by the Journal of the American Chemical Society.

The Technological Corner puts REX technologies in a nutshell. The Current Opinion proposes a means to tame native reactive electrophiles for polypharmacological interventions. The ChemBioTalents contribution is a mini-review that tries to break the divide between our electrophile signaling and nucleotide signaling/genome regulation research programs. The Rising Stars in Chemistry Frontiers perspective reflects on successes and challenges underlying the development and implementation of emerging chemical-biology probes and perturbation technologies; it also aims to help chemical biologists choose the right model organisms. The Methods in Enzymology article discusses kinetic considerations underlying electrophile/covalent-ligand signaling as well as the design principles/models integral to the development and applications of the methods used to profile electrophile-sensors /-signaling pathways.
We are excited to publish with my former graduate school lab-mate, Pavel, and his lab on some interesting chemical and biological studies into the selective toxicity of the cardenolides, electrophilic small-molecules widely used in traditional medicine.

Tech Corner:
Genie in a bottle:
Rising Star in Chemistry Frontiers:

Techniques Review for Methods in Enzymology: Synthetic Biology special issue:

Original research paper in the Journal of the American Chemical Society

(collaboration with the Nargony’s Lab @UMich):