Double agent exposed in Nature Chemical Biology

The large subunit of ribonucleotide reductase—the harbinger of the DNA

world—downregulates replication when inside the nucleus:

it plays a tug-of-war with IRBIT/importin-α1 in the cytosol and

PCNA/ZRANB3 in the nucleus

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Nuclear RNR-α Antagonizes Cell Proliferation by Directly Inhibiting ZRANB3

Yuan Fu#, Marcus J. C. Long#, Somsinee Wisitpitthaya, Huma Inayet, Timothy M. Pierpont, Islam M. Elsaid, Jordanna C. Bloom, Joaquin Ortega, Robert S. Weiss, and Yimon Aye*

(#, co-first authors. *, corresponding author)

2018 Nature Chemical Biology Just Accepted

We thank all of the contributing team members, and our collaborators, Professors Joaquin Ortega (McGill University, Canada) and Bob Weiss (Cornell Vet College, USA).