The research interest of our group is in a broad sense the interface between organic synthesis and catalysis. The principal objectives of our research are the development of new reaction methodology of broad utility to organic synthesis and target natural product synthesis. We are particularly interested in the design of efficient catalytic cascade reactions that operate trough uncommon modes of activation and which will result in a rapid increase in molecular complexity. We currently focus on the development of novel asymmetric metal-catalyzed C-H and C-C bond activation processes using rhodium-, palladium- and copper-complexes.

Projects involve the development of new and robust ligand systems that fit the needs of these metals and the envisioned reaction mechanism. Ultimately, we apply these methods in the synthesis of complex natural products with intriguing and potent pharmacological properties. Furthermore, the target molecules will be decorated with additional functional tools, e. g. fluorescence or photo-affinity labels that enable deeper studies of fundamental biochemical questions related to those compound families. For more detailed insights in our current and completed projects, see our publications section.