Cold-ion spectroscopy

Qualification of the U.S. Conductors for ITER TF Magnet System

N. N. Martovetsky; W. T. Reiersen; G. R. Murdoch; P. Bruzzone; B. Stepanov 

IEEE Transactions on Plasma Science


Vol. 46 , num. 5, p. 1477-1483.

DOI : 10.1109/TPS.2017.2764382

Prediction of the Inter-Node Communication Costs of a New Gyrokinetic Code with Toroidal Domain

A. Jocksch; N. Ohana; E. Lanti; A. Scheinberg; S. Brunner et al. 

Lecture Notes in Computer Science


12th Int. Conference on Parallel Processing and Applied Mathematics (PPAM, 2017), Lulin, PL, September 10-13, 2017.

p. 370-380

DOI : 10.1007/978-3-319-78024-5_33

14 MeV calibration of JET neutron detectors—phase 1: calibration and characterization of the neutron source

P. Batistoni; S. Popovichev; A. Cufar; Z. Ghani; L. Giacomelli et al. 

Nuclear Fusion


Vol. 58 , num. 2, p. 026012.

DOI : 10.1088/1741-4326/aa98f6

Next Steps for Social Force with Big Data

S. Kreiss; A. Alahi 



Mixed Gold and Platinum Nanostructured Layers for All-Solid-State Ion Sensors

F. Criscuolo; Lobello Lucia; I. Taurino; Demarchi Danilo; S. Carrara et al. 


IEEE Sensors 2018 Conference , New Delhi, India , 28-31 Oct. 2018.

DOI : 10.1109/ICSENS.2018.8630299

IntegrCiTy - D4.2 Report - Method towards key bottlenecks identification

L. Girardin; P. Puerto 


p. 23.

SCCER-FURIES - A decision support tool for the geo-localised design and assessment of the integration of multi-carrier/multi-services/multi-grids innovative energy conversion systems in urban systems and industrial clusters - Deliverable 1.5.3

L. Girardin; P. M. Stadler; F. Maréchal 


SCCER JA-RED - Analysis of initial case and identification of potential use for renewables and waste heat at the building and district level - Deliverable 1.1.1

M. Niffeler; T. Schluck; C. Derungs; L. Girardin; L. Middelhauve et al. 


p. 22.

SCCER-FURIES - Design of Sizes for Buildings Energy Systems as a Function of the Grid Evolution - Deliverable 1.4.1a

L. Middelhauve; L. Bloch; L. Girardin; P. M. Stadler; J. Holweger et al. 


p. 44.

SCCER JA-RED - Detailed evaluation of the grid operation bottlenecks and load shifting potential for the reference system - Deliverable 1.2.2

L. Middelhauve; L. Bloch; J. Holweger; P. M. Stadler; L. Girardin