Prof. Elena Goun

Elena Goun
has been appointed Tenure Track Assistant Professor of bio-organic chemistry at the School of Basic Sciences (FSB). She received her MS degree from University of Central Florida under supervision of D. Howard Miles in the field of medicinal chemistry of natural products. She then continued her PhD studies in the field of medicinal chemistry and drug delivery in the group of Professor Paul Wender at Stanford University. After graduation with a PhD degree in 2008, she moved to University of California at Berkeley where she did her postdoctoral studies in the field of Chemical Biology in the group of Carolyn Bertozzi.

Professor Goun is an advocate of an interdisciplinary approach, combining synthetic chemistry, optical imaging, and an understanding of cellular functions at molecular level to find solutions to fundamental problems in biology and medicine. This scientist has developed, in particular, several new non-invasive imaging techniques that allow studies of molecular signatures of cancer and metabolic diseases. She will perform her research work in the context of the new Chair in biological chemistry, at EPFL’s Institute of Chemical Sciences and Engineering.

CV_Elena Goun