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Using water molecules to unlock neurons’ secrets

Our recent Nature Communication article is featured on EPFL main page (English and French), and many popular scientific websites; EurekAlert!, The Medical News, Nanowerk, Phys.org, Science Daily, Long Room, Medical News, and Health Canal

Using water molecules to read electrical activity in lipid membranes

Our recent PNAS paper is featured on EPFL main page (English and French), and many popular scientific websites; sciencedailysciencenewslinephys.orgkynplextechexploristnumeronsmyhealthexercise, and innovations-report.

3D imaging of surface chemistry in confinement

Our recent Science paper is featured on EPFL main page (english and french), and many popular scientific websites; chemeurope.comanalytica-world.com, sciencedaily.com, phys.org, azooptics.com.

Water is surprisingly ordered on the nanoscale

Our Nature Communications article is featured on EPFL main webpage (english and french), IBI webpage, AMOLF (english and dutch) and FOM websites as well as many popular scientific websites: chemeurope.com, analytica-world.com, myscience.org, eurekalert.org, phys.org, sciencedaily.com, nano-magazine.com, geekjournal.net, sciencebulletin.org, terradaily.com, nanowerk.com and environmentguru.com.


A single ion impacts a million water molecules

Our recent Science Advances paper is highlighted in 10 media covers: Phys.orgScienceDailyRDmagNanotechnowIFLscienceEurekalertChemeuropeTechnofaq, and Azom, along with EPFL coverpage.

Fascination for Water

Here is an interview, in which our fascination with water is explained.

A soap opera?

Recent sum frequency scattering experiment showed that surfactant adsorption to oil nanodroplets in water is very different from what has been commonly expected. Here is a popular scientific article in Physik in der Zeit (in German).