Accessing Paléo Festival


Mandated by the Paleo Festival organizing team, the Lasur piloted in 2012 an internet survey of access conditions to the Paleo Festival, regardless of the mode of transport used. The aim is to clarify the scope for limiting the saturation of the Nyon / St-Cergue and develop carpooling. In 2014, weather condtions having required the closing on site parking, a second survey was carried out to highlight the festival goers coping strategies to get to the concerts site. Download the file

The Eaux-Vives’ public beach in the urban context of Geneva and its agglomeration

plage publique des eaux-vivesThis study analyzes the issues and impact of the Eaux-Vives public beach project in the socio-geographical context of the rapidly growing Franco-Valdo-Geneva agglomeration. More specifically, it looks at the following questions: the scales of the city, the lake as a shared space, changes in leisure activities and the development of the city center and accessibility.– Download the file


CarPostaleThe objective of OPTIMA research, conducted on behalf of CarPostal, is to identify the Swiss population’s expectations vis-à-vis CarPostal’s services. Specifically, the findings show that there is a “limit” of 12 daily roundtrip errands, below which CarPostal’s offer is not successful in attracting users. – Download the file

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