Strong Lensing with EUCLID

EUCLID Strong Lensing Workshop

2012, April 2d and 3d

Room : UNIL Amphimax 414


  • Program

send a title and possibly a short summary to Jean-Paul, alternatively fill in the google document that was circulated through the email list. 


  • Topics to be discussed:
  1. Simulating Strong Lensing in EUCLID images
  2. Finding Strong Lenses in EUCLID images (in VIS, in VIS+IR, in the Slitless spectra)
  3. Science with Galaxy Scale Lenses
  4. Science with Cluster Scale Lenses
  5. Constraining Cosmology with Strong Lenses
  6. Link with other EUCLID Science WG (WL, Cluster, Theory)
  7. EUCLID Strong Lensing Papers


  • Participants

Please fill in the doodle  to let us know your participation:

– Sunday 1st: if you want to meet for dinner

– Monday 2d-Tuesday 3d: if you will attend the meeting

– Wednesday 4th: if you want to stay to give a talk or to work

  • How to get there

To Lausanne:

Geneva AirportSwiss rail


Metro till stop “Unil-Sorge” + Amphimax room 414

  • Hotels dowtown Lausanne :



find also a list here : Lausanne Tourism office