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June 2012: Looking into the dark : ahead with the Euclid mission
June 2012: European astronomers will build the biggest eye on the sky
March 2012: Astronomers Using NASA’s Hubble Discover Quasars Acting as Gravitational Lenses
October 2011: The Euclid space mission has been selected on by the European Space Agency (ESA) The Euclid space mission has been selected on by the European Space Agency (ESA)
September 2011: LASTRO wins the “star challenge” of the GREAT10 competition for astronomical image processing.
July 2010: First Case of Strong Gravitational Lensing by a QSO : A&A article / Press releases : EPFL, Caltech
April 2010: One of two EPFL thesis awards 2009 goes to former LASTRO PhD student Dr. Alexander Eigenbrod. Congratulations !
February 2010: No Place to Hide: Missing Primitive Stars Outside Milky Way Uncovered : ESO PR
September 2009: Compact elliptical galaxies detected with the Virtual Observatory : Science
April 2009: On the contribution of large-scale structure to strong gravitational lensing : ApJ
December 2008: Dissecting a supermassive black hole with natural magnifying glasses : ESO PR (Animation) / A&A I, II
September 2008: First optically active magnetar-candidate discovered : ESO press release / Nature
August 2008: COSMOGRAIL time delay and H0 estimation from the lensed quasar WFI J2033-4723 A&A highlight
September 2007: Microlensing of the central part of a quasar: the Einstein Cross : A&A
January 2007: Discovery of the first triple quasar : ApJ paper, press realeases : EPFL, ESO, Caltech, Keck
November 2006: Milky Way’s neighbouring galaxies have different history : ESO press release
October 2006: Mass segregation in the large globular cluster 47 Tucanae : HST newscenter press release
July 2006: Time delay measurement in the lensed quasar SDSS1650+42 : ADS
March 2006: Discovery of a double Einstein ring : ADS
Februrary 2006: The nearest gravitationally lensed quasar observed with the VLT and the Hubble Space Telescope : ADS
September 2005: Discovery of a bright quasar without a massive host galaxy : Nature
March 2005: A search for the most distant galaxies : ADS