Hotel list

From cheapest to more expensive


All these are 10 min walk from train station and max 20 min away from the airport in bus or train:

  • Etap hotel. Simple but cheap and clean. Starts at 110 CHF per room and per night. Located between the train station and the airport. 
  • Hotel St Gervais. Starts at 120 CHF.
  • Hotel Lido. Starts at 140 CHF per room and per night, incl. breakfast. 210 CHF for a triple room with double occupancy.
  • Hotel de Geneve. Starts at 145 CHF per room and per night, incl. breakfast. 
  • Ibis Hotel. Starts at 165 CHF + breakfast (15 CHF) per room and per night. 
  • Hotel Admiral. Starts at 170 CHF. Interesting price for double occupancy, 200 CHF per room.
  • Hotel Suisse. Starts at 205 CHF per night and per room. 
 (1 Euro ~ 1.2 CHF)