LASIG talks

Presentations at OGRS 2012 in Yverdon-les-Bains

Timothée Produit, Devis Tuia (2012) An open tool to register landscape oblique images and generate their synthetic model [VIDEO] [Slides] [ABSTRACT]

Sylvie Stucki, Saif Agha, Meghua Li, Stéphane Joost (2012) Utilization of the Scythe C++ open source library for statistical geocomputation in livestock landscape genomics [VIDEO] [Slides] [ABSTRACT]

Stéphane Joost, Jens Ingensand, Michael Kalbermatten, Rolf Tanner, Vincent Luyet (2012) Hydroweb: an Open Source educational WebGIS platform for the understanding of spatio-temporal variations of meteorological parameters at the watershed scale [VIDEO] [Slides] [ABSTRACT]

Kevin Leempoel, Stéphane Joost (2012) Relatedness and scale dependency in very high resolution digital elevation models derivatives [VIDEO] [Slides] [ABSTRACT]


All talks given at OGRS 2012