Journal articles

Imitation of coordinated arm movements

A. Billard; S. Schaal; J. Gordon 

Experimental Brain Research. 2002. 

Conference papers

Games children with autism can play with robota, a humanoid robotics doll

K. Dautenhahn; A. Billard 

2002. 1st Cambridge Workshop on Universal Access and Assistive Technology, March 2002. p. 179–190. DOI : 10.1007/978-1-4471-3719-1_18.

Computational elements of robot learning by imitation

A. Billard; S. Schaal 

2002. 980th American Mathematical Society, University of Wisconsin, Madison, Wisconsin, Oct. 12-13.

Book chapters


A. Billard; M. Arbib 

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Play, Dreams and Imitation in Robota

A. Billard 

Socially Intelligent Agents; Kluwer publisher, 2002. p. 165-173.

Mirror neurons, and the neural basis for learning by imitation: Computational modeling

A. Billard; M. Arbib; M. Stamenov; V. Gallese 

Mirror Neurons and the Evolution of Brain and Language; John Benjamins publisher, 2002. p. 343-353.

Imitation: a means to enhance learning of a synthetic proto-language in an autonomous robot

A. Billard 

Imitation in Animals and Artifacts; MIT Press, 2002. p. 281-311.