Mrs. Laura Costa Henriques

Can you say a few words about yourself?

I am from the beautiful Madeira Island, in Portugal. I did my studies in Bioengineering at the University of Porto, where I obtained my master’s degree. During that time, I had the opportunity to do an Erasmus + Traineeship, in Maastricht, Netherlands, where I worked in the biomaterials and microfluidics field. And for my Master thesis I continue to work with biomaterials for bone regeneration purposes, because it is an area that always fascinated me.

Did you choose your profession, or did it choose you?

I think both. I choose to follow Bioengineering because life sciences, biotechnology and research have always interested me. And being able to work in the health field (indirectly), is really important to me, to feel that I can help or contribute somehow to people’s well-being.

What attracted you to join LAPI?

LAPI represents a group that focuses on the environmental impact of atmospheric aerosols, with a focus on better understanding their climate and health impacts using a wide range of interdisciplinary approaches and tools.

Can you speak about the projects you are currently working on and other ones in the past?

I am currently working on a project that focuses on the aerosol transmission of influenza virus. My role is to support a series of aspects that include cultivation and generation of viruses, generation and collection of aerosol samples processed through an environmental chamber and characterizing the properties of the viruses contained within aerosol.

What have been some of your biggest successes?

One of my biggest successes was my Master Thesis, which represents an important moment in my life. Also, I am proud of my professional journey and were it has taken me.

What do you enjoy to do, outside of science and research?

I really enjoy spending time in the nature and, with my family and doggies. I also love to travel and do sports, especially swimming.

A free thought for the end?

Just follow your dreams!