Experimental measurement of light diffusion in eye tissues using transscleral illumination

Goal: Design an experimental setup for diffusion measurements, understand the light scattering in eye tissues.


We developed at LAPD a new technology for in-vivo retinal imaging. The proposed project is a joint LAPD and LIFMET (Georges Wagnières) project, which aim at understanding and measuring the light scattering in eye tissues with transscleral illumination (Fig. 1) in the near infrared window (750 nm – 1100 nm). The measurements will be performed ex-vivo on fixed and non-fixed pigs’ eyes thanks to endoscopic probe endoscopic probe.

The work consists in designing an experimental setup. The first experimental step will be the assessment of the repeatability of the measurements in different locations. Once the repeatability is good enough, the measurements will be extended to different wavelength.

Project objectives:

– Experimental design of the setup and measurement protocol

– Measurements at different wavelength in the NIR region, at different locations

Project type: Master project.


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