Implementation of retinal tracking for in vivo imaging

Goal: Investigation and design on camera-based retinal tracking system.


We developed at LAPD a new technology for in-vivo retinal imaging in-vivo retinal imaging. The proposed project aims at implementing a retinal tracking capability in a prototype. Retinal tracking is a crucial feature for clinical instruments since it allows for follow up of patients as well as a proper image visualization during the acquisition. In the state of the art instruments based on Optical Coherence Tomography of Scanning Laser Ophthalmoscope, the tracking is implemented thanks to galvo mirrors which send the scanning beam at the desired location on the retina. In our technology, the imaging is based on a camera, without any scanning parts. Therefore, the retinal tracking needs to be designed in a different way compared to scanning instruments.

The work consists in the following steps:

– State of the art investigation

– Proposal of different implementation options

– Design of the selection implementation

– Experimental test.


Project skills:

– Automation, Optical design, Image processing.


Project type: Master project.



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