Past Ph.D. students

Shahram Khazaei (2006-2010)

Shahram is now assistant professor at the Department of Mathematical Sciences at Sharif University of Technology.

Alexandre Karlov (2007-2011)

Juraj Sarinay (2007-2011)

Juraj runs a Swiss company that provides consultancy and services in information security:

Joppe Bos (2007-2012)

Joppe is cryptographic researcher in the innovation center crypto & security at NXP Semiconductors, Leuven, Belgium. His PhD thesis was nominated for an EPFL doctorate award.

Onur Ozen (2008-2012)

Marc Stevens (2008-2012)

Marc works at CWI Amsterdam. His PhD thesis got the 2013 Martinus van Marum prize of the Koninklijke Hollandsche Maatschappij der Wetenschappen

Dag Arne Osvik (2006-2012)

Andrea Miele (2010-2015)

Maxime Augier (2010-2015)

Alina Dudeanu (2012-2016)

Benjamin Wesolowski (2014-2018)