Advanced topics in cryptology


This course will be taught in the fall of 2013 on Wednesdays from 15:15 to 18:00 in INM203. This year the course will center around algorithmic questions related to integer lattices and their cryptographic applications. It will mostly be run by Dr. Anja Becker. More details about the course organization and examination and such will appear here. An description of the course can be found below (updating the version in the course book)

For questions concerning this course, contact Anja Becker or Arjen Lenstra.


In this course the latest research in cryptology will be studied in an interactive fashion. Students will read, present, and discuss results from the most recent major cryptology conferences (such as Crypto and Eurocrypt) and explore ways to improve those results. A particular focus will be the study of Euclidean lattices. During the lectures we will see basic definitions, characteristics and simple examples of lattices as used in cryptography. We will also learn about major algorithms that solve or approximate the solution of the lattice problems “shortest vector problem (SVP)” and “closest vector problem (CVP)”. A special attention is given to the use of lattice reduction as a cryptanalytic tool. The course is intended to stimulate students in their own research.