lapa Studio ATHENS 2010/11

For the academic year 2010/11 the focus of investigation was the capital of Greece: Athens.
This city was the focal point of the financial crisis of the Euro in spring 2010, but still has another problem linked to globalization: that of immigration. Located at the eastern end of Europe, Athens attracts many immigrants as an entry port into the EU. These immigrants settled in the center of the city that has already been abandoned by other social classes, creating neighbourhoods that progressively resemble ghettos. Lapa will analyze the ‘urban potential’ in Athens with the aim of providing solutions and strategies to improve the quality of life and the urban condition in a city that was a cradle of European culture.

After a successful visit to Athens in the fall semester, the spring semester shifted scales to concentrate on architectural interventions within the urban areas of study.  The design studio focused on three specific levels of study:  Feasibility Study, Design Development, and Presentation Documentation.  The result of the semester was a set of comprehensive architectural projects that are directly supporting the urban planning proposals developed in the first semester.