lapa Studio CAMPUS EPFL 2005/06

LAPA Studio 05/06 – EPFL Campus

The first lapa studio focused on our own campus at the EPFL in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Analysis in the first semester focused on the campus itself and then extended beyond to include the immediately surrounding communities. It was determined relatively early in the investigation that the “life” of the campus must respond to the surrounding context, both for the students, but also for the residents. This wider area has clear boundaries found in the urban plan: “The University Triangle”.

The Urban Constitution for the campus and the adjoining area of the community of Chavannes became the basis for project work in the second semester.

Project work in the second semester used this Urban Constitution or New PAC (Plan D’Affection Cantonal) as a basis for the development of “Catalyst” project interventions on the campus. These projects tested the validity of the planning and proposed a vision for the future, and the projects were developed with a specific goal to question the status quo, and to promote discussion about current planning proposals.


Architectural Design Projects

The CAMPUS studio proposals for additions to the campus.

Individual projects were arranged around the campus, and used to densify the existing infrastructure.  An emphasis was made on the appropriateness of program to the future goals of the campus, and on sustainable construction and opperations technology.

13 projects were proposed with functions such as housing and hotel, recreation, education, social programmes and conference spaces.

For more information: EPFL_CAMPUS_STUDIO PDF