lapa Studio HAVANA 2006/07

LAPA Studio 06/07 – Havana, Cuba

For the second lapa studio, the location for our investigation and urban project in 2006-07 was the municipality of “Diez de Octubre” in Havana, Cuba.

Analysis in the first semester focused on the municipality of “Diez de Octubre“, the most populated neighbourhood of Havana. This area is simultaneously representative of the general urban conditions in Havana, and also for the problems of a large urban municipality.

The Urban Constitution and analysis of the first semester was presented to the Cuban partners during a field trip to Havana at the end of the winter semester.

Project work in the second semester used the Urban Constitution as a basis for the development of “Catalyst” project interventions within the municipality. These projects tested the validity of the planning and proposed a vision for the future which seeks to foster and promote enhancements to the urban fabric, interaction of social space, and the overall quality of life.