lapa Studio LONDON 2007/08

LAPA Studio 07/08 – Southwark, London

The location for the lapa studio investigation and urban project in 2007-08 was the London Borough of Southwark.

Southwark, as an area of study is varied, interesting, and topical. In common with much of London’s south bank of the Thames, Southwark has seen extensive regeneration in the last decade. The decline of light industry and factories have given way to residential development, shops, restaurants, galleries and bars. The Borough is generally an area of mixed development, with council estates, major office developments, social housing and high value residential gated communities side by side with each other.

The student work over the two semesters identified issues and analysed Southwark as a whole, and then as smaller component parts.  The resulting Urban Strategies were combined to create an “Urban Constitution” for the borough.  This constitution was tested and validated though the “population” of focal site through the development of architectural projects.  Each of the  design projects proposed thoughout the borough sought to foster and promote enhancements to the urban fabric. Each project was proposed and developed with relation to both the needs of the immediate area, and a longer term vision of how the project could act as a catalyst which iwould raise the quality of social space, interaction, and the resulting quality of urban living.