laba Studio BARENTS 2011/12

STUDIO 11/12 – Inhabiting the Sea

In the academic year 2011/12 the laba masters studio is researching “A territorial constitution for the sea”, with specific focus on the Barents Sea region, Norway.

The technological developments in both the maritime and petroleum industries are the departure point for this study, which will use an integrative and holistic approach in attempting to bridge the gap between ecology, different areas of scientific expertise, and the need to find synergies and potentials which enable inhabitation of the sea. Although almost no part of the ocean is untouched by human “habitation”, few architects are involved in the spatial implications of maritime activities.

As an initial investigation, studio participants are researching the issue of inhabitation, and its relation to the harsh climate and conditions of the Barents sea. The planning phase of the studio focusses on deveoping a “territorial constitution” which can guide the interaction between nature, development and inhabitaiton for the future.

In the second semester the participants in this studio will make proposals for development projects, which we hope will be of value to marine planning and to the sustainable development of the region as a whole.

The laba Studio Wiki (Barents Sea) contains more information for students.