laba Master thesis

Evaluation process and schedule for Master Thesis (PDM) collaboration with laba / Prof. H.Gugger

In line with the official SAR guidelines for the PDM 2019-20 laba has established the following procedure and schedule for students seeking collaboration for their Masters Thesis with laba / Prof. H. Gugger.

Students fluent in English (speaking and writing) are invited to submit:

  • a motivation letter (explaining the choice of laba / Prof. H. Gugger)
  • an abstract of their Master Thesis topic
  • a proposal for the “groupe de suivi” (Directeur pédagogique; Professeur responsable de l’Enoncé; Maître EPFL). Please note that the Maître EPFL should be a laba assistant
  • their CV (tracking the school curriculum)

Deadline for the submission of the dossier is May 10th 2019 (in pdf format per email to [email protected] and [email protected]).

The evaluation criteria are as follows:

  • Quality and completeness of submission (motivation letter, content and form of abstract of the Master Thesis topic, CV)
  • Qualification of “groupe de suivi” in relation to the proposed Master Thesis topic
  • Relation of Master Thesis topic with laba’s research orientation
  • H. Gugger’s personal experience / knowledge in relation to proposed topic

The result of the evaluation will be notified no later than May 17th.

If deemed necessary individual interviews will be held on May 14th between 10 am and 6 pm (venue BP 3242). Applicants concerned will be notified the exact time of their interview by May 13th.

Please note that in line with the above mentioned official SAR guidelines for the PDM 2019-20 two intermediate reviews with the complete “groupe de suivi” will take place (16th / 17th March and 20th / 21th April 2020). A third intermediate review (18th / 19th May 2020) will be attended by the Maître EPFL and Prof. Harry Gugger only.

In addition it is laba’s policy that the Maître EPFL meets the students not more than 6 times during the entire period of the PDM (3 times at the official intermediate reviews and once before and 2 times in between the official intermediate reviews).