DD+P : Material Logic Spring 2008

Spring Semester 2008

The Digital Design and Production (DD+P) course began in the spring semester of 2008.

The first course had the topic of “Material Logic” with a focus on investigating different construction materials, and then developing design responses to the parameters dictated by the material. For the final project the participants were asked to design, fabricate, and construct a simple “pavilion” that could accommodate the class (12 persons).

With gracious sponsorship from Alcan Composites Switzerland, the chosen material for the project was Alucobond composite panels. This façade sheet material is comprised of an inner core of PE plastic sandwiched by two thin sheets of aluminium. The material thickness is a total of 4mm. This composite configurations allowed the participants to use the CNC milling machine to “cut” or “rout” the panels, so as to create precise folding and assembly patterns. The resulting pieces were folded to create an “origami” structural pattern – The Alucobond Pavilion.

This project was supported by the doctoral research of Mr. Hani Buri from the iBois Laboratory at the EPFL.