DD+P : Fantastic Form Spring 2009

Spring Semester 2009

The DD+P course was “Fantastic Form” is now complete. 
The main theme of this course was an investigation of design and production of non-standard forms and constructions.  The course investigated the two main sides of the related issues of:
Theory –  What is “fantastic” & how to use design to engage an audience.
Praxis –  methods and
techniques to produce non standard geometries.

The course used an analysis of art, film, and cinema to help understand the relation between architecture and the “fantastic”, and then applied this to knowledge to design using digital design techniques and programming.

The main project for the Spring 2009 semester was the construction of a “Fantastic Form” for the NIFFF.

Students designed, fabricated, constructed, and finished a small pavilion to host artistic film projection during the NIFFF, in the main festival site of Neucahtel. This project was kindly sponsored by Alcan Composites, Switzerland, Logitech AG, and Schilliger holz AG