DD+P : Design Build Fall 2010

Fall Semester 2010

Design-Build investigated design and production as a single, self referential workflow. This is one of the oldest forms of construction since developing from the “master builder”, which was the preceding profession to the architect.

The goals for this UE course were for students to understand how to engage and criticise the changing digital technologies of the architecture profession, and to develop digital skills in CAD and CAM and to build mock-ups of designs that have been generated from data.

The course focused on the issue of “storage”, and how we design artefacts and spaces to accomodate specific objects or functions.  Through the semester the students developed a storage box for an item of thier choosing.  The process of developing the design, guided the skill building from accurate 3D modeling, to design refelcetion, to fabrication and prototyping.  The final project of the semester was to develop a proposal for new storage furnitre for the laboratory office space.