Dec 18, 2016
Israel – Industrial Arcadia
LandBasics – Territorial Agriculture
Haifa, Technion
Nov 5 -Dec 3 2016
Chronique architecturale de l’EPFL des origines à l’utopie
Redécouvrez le projet de Zweifel + Strickler pour la première étape de construction de l’EPFL et les évolutions du campus jusqu’à la nouvelle Place Cosandey. Les étudiants imaginent l’avenir du site de l’EPFL dans le cadre de l’atelier laba en 2006 et de l’atelier Superstudio en 2015.
Nov 15, 2016
VENICE LESSONS book launch & exhibition
EPF Lausanne
Lecture by Harry Gugger, welcome note by Patrick Schneebeli, Park Books
VENICE LESSONS presents the studio’s projects for the future of Venice and describes LABA’s methodology in teaching and research.
This special edition includes Miroslav Sasek’s marvelous children’s book This is Venice which was originally published in 1961. Even today, Sasek’s description of the character of Venice’s centro storico is still elegant and pertinent and gave us the opportunity to convey our contemporary reading of Venice, which today of course is much broader and encompasses the whole urban system that stretches from the terraferma across the lagoon and out to the sea.
The exhibition Nov 15 – Dec 3 presents a collection of pages from Sasek’s children’s book This is Venice, and references to our research findings and design projects. It allows a glimpse of another Venice, decontextualized and replicated around the world — an illustration of the global industry of popular culture producing simulated „Venices“.
We would be happy to welcome you at this event and hope for engaging discussions.

Oct 21, 2016

Urbanismus und Identität: Wie Territorien, sozioökonomische Faktoren und Politik den internationalen Städtebau prägen.

Input Harry Gugger und Manuel Herz

Communicating Architecture, Frankfurter Buchmesse
PARK Books

Sept 6, 2016
Architektur, Raumplanung und die Medien: Ein Interview von Caroline Lüchinger mit Harry Gugger
SRF 2 Kultur (ab Min. 4:55)
May 28 –  Nov 27, 2016
Our 5th year master students Thomas Paturet and Muriz Djurdjevic have their master project featured at the 2016 Architecture Biennale in Venice, as part of the Baltic Pavilion exhibition. 
Their project studies the urbanisation and artificialization of the Baltic See and investigates the design of architecture and landscape in the age of the Anthropocene.
May 28 –  Nov 27, 2016
turning tables – from the urbanlab+
How can educational institution learn from each other, recognize common ground and unite to challenge existing models that simplify, segregate and monopolize urban space?
la Biennale die Venezia, Palazzo Mora, Venice


March 4, 2016
Symposium für Architekturpädagogiken
“Was sollen Studierende nach dem Architekturstudium können?”
Hochschule Luzern, Technik & Architektur

Inputreferat: Positionen zum zukünftigen Curriculum
Harry Gugger



New laba publication
Undoing Iceland?
The pervasive nature of the urban
E. H. Huijbens, B. Costa, H. Gugger
Editors: M. Gren and E. H. Huijbens
Published in: Tourism and the Anthropocene, p. 34-51
ISBN 978-1-138-81457-8
Routledge, 2016