Holcim Foundation

Holcim presents

Uncommon sense and the Ecology of Sustainable Construction
Alejandro Aravena

Minimal resources and technology – Building out of clay
Francis Diébédo Kéré

The Economy of Sustainable Construction

10.12.2013, 18:00
Event hall, Ackermannshof, Basel


December 2013

laba Master students Tess Walraven and Alessia Catellani mentioned in Wallpaper



September 2013

Top-Master-Wettbewerb NZZ Campus und MakingScienceNews

Carmen Fischer and Caroline Iorio have won 4th place with their master project ‘Bombay Dilemma’ and are awarded 1000 CHF. Congratulations!


August 2013

Prix ARDITI 2013 / Prix FAS Romandie 2013 (Fédération des Architectes Suisses)

Alessia Catellani and Tess Walraven have been awarded the Prix ARDITI 2013 en Architecture and the Prix FAS Romanie 2013, for the project titled “Zurich Stories: scénarios d’intensification”.


June 27, 2013

ABB Awards 2013

Edouard Philippe & Steffan Heath have been awarded the Asea Brown Boveri prize 2013 for their master project “Generate urban opportunities with waste water treatment” and have received the prize sum of CHF 4’000.



June 5, 2013

Barents Lessons received a second award and is among the 25 winners chosen as The Most Beautiful German Books 2013. The Book Art Foundation (Stiftung Buchkunst) honors the finest and most innovative books in 2013, exemplary in design, design and workmanship.

723 titles were submitted, Barents Lessons was awarded in the category “Scientific books, school books, textbooks”.


laba publication Barents Lessons

March 12, 2013

laba’s recent publication Barents Lessons awarded one of the Most Beautiful Swiss Books 2012, among 18 other winners. A competition by the Swiss Federal Office of Culture (BAK).

Barents Lessons gives an insight into an architectural research project at laba (Laboratory Basel), a satellite studio in Basel, Switzerland, affiliated to the Ecole Polytechnique Fédéral de Lausanne (EPFL). The project focused on the remote and geographically extreme, yet resource-rich and therefore geo-strategically crucial Barents Sea region.

Starting with the thesis that the ocean is an urbanised territory, the participants carried-out a one-year investigation, moving from the territorial to the architectural scale over two terms.

The task was to analyse the region from a distance, aligning the critical issues in the Barents Sea with a global picture, and to carry out in-depth local field-work. As a synthesis of the knowledge and experience gained, concrete architectural projects for different kinds of infrastructure (residential, educational, ecological, transport, cultural) were designed.

Barents Lessons presents the entire project in three parts, reflecting the methodology applied. The book is illustrated throughout with numerous graphics and maps especially developed for the publication, with colour photographs and plans.
The publication was created in close collaboration with Ludovic Balland. The Ludovic Balland Typography Cabinet is a graphic design studio in Basel, established in 2004.
H. Gugger, N. Couling and A. Blanchard (Eds.). Barents Lessons: Teaching and Research in Architecture. EPFL, Lausanne, Park Books, Zurich, 978-3-906027-17-3, lapa/laba Lessons 5.

Barents Lessons can be purchased at http://www.park-books.com

Barents Lessons was also shortlisted for the DAM Architectural Book Award 2012

The Most Beautiful Swiss books of 2012
This annual competition honors excellence in book design and production and aims to look at particularly noteworthy books of contemporary design.


More than 400 books were submitted. The numerous entries show great interest on the part of the designers, publishers and producers to participate in the competition. The jury of five, under the presidency of Manuel Krebs, chose Barents Lessons among 19 other entries to be The Most Beautiful Swiss books of 2012.