Process Chemometrics

Chemometrics is a highly interdisciplinary field of chemical sciences that uses data-driven methods from multivariate statistics, applied mathematics, and computer science to solve problems in chemistry and chemical engineering. Chemometrics is comparable to psychometrics in psychology or to econometrics in economy.

The Chemometrics group focuses on the development and validation of methodological tools for Multivariate Calibration and Kinetic Modeling. These two research themes are investigated through projects, which are conducted on the basis of research campaigns.

The group currently comprises Diogo Rodrigues (doctoral student since 2014), Sriniketh Srinivasan (doctoral student, since 2011), Julien Billeter (post-doc, since 2012) and Dominique Bonvin (professor).

Student projects to be completed as semester or master projects are regularly offered to master students in chemistry and chemical engineering.


      Multivariate Calibration                                                      Kinetic Modeling