ME-524 Advanced Control Systems

General Information

Instructor: Dr Alireza Karimi, MER, Laboratoire d’Automatique, Station 9, EPFL, 1015 Lausanne. Tél: 021 693 5925.

Assistants: Christoph Kammer, Predrag Milosavljevic, Luca Fabietti

Learning outcomes: Students will learn to design robust and adaptive controllers for uncertain and time-varying systems; They will be able to find the uncertainty model, specify the desired performance and compute a robust controller; They can design high performance digital controllers with two degrees of freedom and use them in an adaptive control scheme.

Content: Stability and performance of basic feedback loops. Model uncertainty, robust stability and performance, limit of performace. Robust loop shaping by convex optimization, H-infinity controller design. Multivariable decoupling controller design. Gain-scheduled controller design. Digital RST controller design by pole placement. Parameter adaptation algorithms. Direct, indirect and switching adaptive control.

Teaching method: Lectures, case study, practical works by the groups of students.

Prerequisites : Automatique or Control Systems (required) , System Identification (recommended)


  1. Feedback Control Theory, J. C. Doyle, B. A. Francis, A. R. Tannenbaum, McMillan Publ., New York 1992 (available online).
  2. Adaptive Control. Algorithms, Analysis and Applications, I. D. Landau, R. Lozano, M. M’Saad and A. Karimi, 2nd Edition, Springer 2011.


Course Notes: Robust and Adaptive Control by Alireza Karimi, Edition 2014.