6th Sense

6th Sense: Wearable supervision system using augmented reality

Damien Perritaz, Christophe Salzmann, Denis Gillet


Wearable supervision systems for industrial installation have gained increased interest due to safety improvement and economical benefit. Existing installation, such as chemical plant, are highly automated, but manual operations are still required. An operator is still needed near the plant to perform observations and manual operations. However, information about the plant, such as pressure, level or temperature measurements, may not be readily available to the operator. The 6th Sense project deals with the development of a wearable supervision system for chemical plants based on Augmented Reality (AR) providing an intuitive, hands-free, multimodal and context-aware user interface to the operator working in the production area. Figure 1 illustrates the various components of the real-time AR for mobile device. A server (3) generates 3D graphics representing the state of the plant measured by the automation system (2) based on the user viewpoint measured by tracking device (1). The server then sends through a wireless communication channel the compressed video to the wearable supervision system for display (4).


Keywords : Quality of Perception; Wearable; Augmented reality; Adaptation;

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D. Perritaz, C. Salzmann, D. Gillet, O. Naef, J. Bapst, F. Barras, E. Mugellini, and O. Abou Khaled. 6th Sense – Toward a Generic Framework for End-to-End Adaptive Wearable Augmented Reality. Lecture Notes in Computer Science on Human Machine Interaction, 5440:280-310, 2009. Prj_QoP_Adapt, Prj_6thSense.
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D. Perritaz, C. Salzmann, and D. Gillet. User Perception Model for Wearable Supervision Systems. In International Conference On Mobile Technology, Applications and Systems (Mobility 2007), Singapore, 2007. ACM: The Singapore Chapter of the Association for Computing Machinery. Prj_QoP_Adapt, Prj_6thSense.
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