Controller evaluation

The controllers submitted by the participants as a MAT file, will be implemented on the real system. The MAT file should contain two polynomials R and S in descending order of z^{-1}. The same PRBS signal will be used as the disturbance for the open-loop and closed-loop experiments. The results of the real-time experiments will be sent to the participant as a MAT file containing the residual forces y_ol and y_cl, for the open-loop and closed-loop experiments respectively, the input of the primary path u_p and the output of the controller u.

For the calculation of the sensitivity functions and controller evaluation none of the models should be used. The input-ouput data acquired in the open and closed loop operation should be used instead. The following Matlab code has to be used:

load acq.mat
% data file containing the results of
% the open-loop and closed-loop experiments
[magSyp,f] = mag_cal_new(y_cl,y_ol,Fs);
[magSup,f] = mag_cal_new(u,y_ol,Fs);

Note: In order to improve the estimation of the sensitivity functions, the procedure of the controller evaluation has been slightly modified (March 14, 2002).

The magnitude of the sensitivity functions magSyp and magSup must not exceed the constraints defined in the control specification section.

The controllers will be evaluated on the basis of the computation time criterion that is defined as a product of the number of controller parameters and the sampling frequency: C = (nr + ns)*Fs, where nr and ns are the numbers of parameters of the polynomials R and S, respectively.