Active Suspension Benchmark

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Design and Optimisation of Restricted Complexity Controllers

Special issue of European Journal of Control

Guest Editors :

I.D. Landau
A. Karimi
H. Hjalmarsson

Volume 9, Number 1, 2003



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Design of a low-order controller for an active suspension system can be considered as an application example for the papers submitted to the special issue of European Journal of Control on design and optimization of restricted complexity controllers. The active suspension system is a laboratory set-up at Laboratoire d’Automatique de Grenoble (LAG) , and is used to attenuate the disturbances in a large frequency band according to the control specifications.

The authors are encouraged to give a solution to the benchmark problem, although the participation in the benchmark is not a necessary condition for submitting a paper to the special issue. However, prospective authors are encouraged to participate since the benchmark facilitates the comparison of different approaches for the readers.

To help the participants the organizers provide input-output data for system identification , as well as:
– A continous-time model of the plant
– An identified discrete-time high-order model of the plant

The use of these models for controller design is arbitrary, and none of them are considered to be the exact model of the plant. The participants can either use them or try to find another appropriate model by data acquisition on the real system. The final controller can be also evaluated by an experiment on the real system.

For the real time experiments ( data acquisition and controller evaluation ) the participants should ask for a registration code. The authors are advised to design and tune their controllers using the models because only 4 experiments on the real system are allowed for each participant. However, the authors who need more experiments can contact us to organize a short stay at Grenoble to perform the experiments.