Bioenergy – Pöyry

Master project (Internship + Master thesis)

General info

  • EPFL Professor: Prof. Dr. François Maréchal
  • Assistants: Dr. Theodoros DamartzisKatelyn Mc Clung
  • Starting date is flexible according to the schedule of the student and the company
  • Salary and place of employment will be discussed and agreed between the company and the student


Dealing with climate change is one of the biggest challenges for energy producers and energy-intensive industries these days. Energy-related products and services are judged according to their ecological competitiveness. Bio-energy is an ecologically sustainable alternative to conventional power generation.

Pöyry has excellent technological expertise with regard to combined production of heat and electricity from biomass. Their experience covers all types of biomass, such as forest residues, plants (rice chaff, bagasse, nut shells, cereal straw, rape seed and reed grass), as well as bio-gas obtained from various bio-degradable waste.
About Pöyry:
Pöyry is an international consulting and engineering firm that serves clients globally across the energy and industrial sectors and provides local engineering services in its core markets.
More information about Pöyry can be found on their website.

Application info

The application to this project can be directly submitted to Pöyry on the company website.

The applicant will go through the Pöyry admission process. In case the student will be selected he/she will have to contact the assistants in order to provide the details of the project offer. The latter will be accepted as a Master project only after the approval of Prof. F. Maréchal.