Thermo-economic performance evaluation of a multi-service heat-pump

Type: Semester project (10 credits)

Period: 2016 Autumn

Assistant: Paul Stadler

Project description:

Air-source heat pumps (HP) represent an interesting solution to face the issue of reducing both the environmental impact of low garded heating services and improving the integration of renewable energy sources (RES). However, during peak demand periods (i.e. during cold winter periods), the benefit of using air-water HP rapdily drops as the unit COP is decreasing. The idea of the novel design is to consider multiple heat sources (air & solar) and services (space heating & domestic hot water preparation) and to improve the unit efficiency.


  • Good energy conversion systems knowledge (Thermodynamics I and/or II, Modeling and optimization of energy systems).
  • Experience in mathematical programming (i.e. AMPL, GLPK, Matlab)


Develop the utility flowsheet and model the different units for a state-of-art refrigerant (i.e. R134A).

Assess the benefit implementing multi-service and multi-heat sources in regard to both the unit exergetic efficiency and total operating expenses.

To apply:

One candidate will be selected for the project, and further detailed tasks will be defined accordingly. If interested, please take contact with Paul Stadler.