Environomic Design of Solid-Oxide Fuel Cell + Gas Turbine system as range extender for electric vehicle

Project Description

The main challenge in designing electric cars today is the increase of the distance range.

Indeed, as the batteries of electrical cars often allow relative small ranges, the extender unit – designed as a trailer and coupled to the car -provides additional electricity generated from compressed methane in a SOFC – Gas Turbine combined cycle. In dual application mode, it is also able to supply a 160 m2 building with electricity and heat.

1/ Run the existing “SOFC+GT” model and analyze the results for the energy needs for mobility and energy needs for the household.

2/ Build in the model an additional module for the electricity production for the house with solar panels. 

3/ Integrate the energy services between the mobility and the household by using advanced technologies for heating and electricity production – heat pumps and solar panels.

4/ Calculate the efficiency, the cost structure (investment cost, (annualize the investment), operating cost, electricity production benefit cost) and the total CO2 emissions (GWP) for the integrated energy services between mobility and household scenario.

Experience with Matlab/Simulink and OSMOSE is appreciated

Student in mechanical engineering: minor Energy

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