Implementation of a dynamic influent generator under the gPROMS platform

Type: Master project / internship

Context of the work:
This master project will be part of a global project consisting in developing a state-of-the-art
library of mathematical models for the simulation and optimization of Waste Water Treatment
plants under the gPROMS platform (see

The master project will be coordinated by the start-up BlueWatt Engineering, an EPFL spinoff
currently located at the Scientific Park, close to EPFL (see The
start-up is active in the field of rational use of energy in WWTP, and provides model-based
software tools to plant operators and engineering offices.

Project objectives and planning:
The objective of the project is to implement a model from the scientific literature under the
gPROMS platform for the dynamic prediction of the influent of a WWTP. The model will be
a simplified representation of a city and the associated water catchment area. A published case
study will be selected and applied for the validation of the implementation.
The implementation will also include the possibility to connect to data weather predictions.
Depending on how fast the project is moving on a city could also be selected and modelled as
an example of application.

The project will be divided in three major steps:
– Complementary literature review
– Mathematical description of the model
– Implementation under the gPROMS platform
– Test case and comparison with literature data

BlueWatt Engineering will assist the student to set-up the model under the gPROMS

Knowledge required:
A good knowledge of hydraulics is appreciated, as well as a strong interest for applied
mathematics. Programming skills are also recommended. The student should also demonstrate
an interest for numerical simulations and system analysis.
Advanced knowledge concerning biological treatment and associated bio-chemistry is not
mandatory for this project.

IP and internship gratification:
Some confidentiality agreement between the student and the start-up will be signed to
preserve Intellectual Property of the start-up. If pertinent, scientific publication could be

A financial gratification will be proposed for the internship.

BlueWatt Engineering
Dr. Descoins Nicolas
[email protected], nicolas.desco[email protected]