Urban planning decision support tool URBio

General information

Type: Master / Semester project
Period: Autumn 2019
Project directors: Prof. François Maréchal (IPESE-EPFL)


In the last years in the IPESE group, the urban planning decision support tool URBio was developed, using interactive optimization and an innovative web-interface (www.urbio.ch).

Several topics are under current development, namely solar potential; grey energy in buildings; elaboration of a KPI set with respect to established sustainability standards (SDG, 2000 watt society, …); analysis and evaluation of existing cities according to selected KPIs for benchmarking.

In this context, several student projects are to be carried out, which will be further defined depending on the applicants’ skills.

How to apply

If interested, please take contact with [email protected]

Practical information

The IPESE laboratory is located in the Sion EPFL campus. Travels from Lausanne to Sion are compensated by EPFL.