Large-scale deployment of renewable energies in smart grids

General information

Type: Master project
Period: Autumn 2019
Project directors: Prof. François Maréchal (IPESE-EPFL)
Assistants: Luise Middelhauve, Luc Girardin (IPESE-EPFL)
Related project: SCCER FURIES II – Future Swiss Electrical Infrastructure


In Switzerland, the installed photovoltaic (PV) capacity on roof of buildings is increasing at about 300 MW per year during the period from 2012 to 2017. At this rate, 11.8 GW would be installed in 2050 generating 10.4 TWh per year covering about 15% of the Swiss annual electricity consumption. However, according to Swissolar , the existing PV potential on roof and facades is much higher, ranging from 30’000 up to more than 50’000 GWh a potential coverage of 70% of the electricity demand. This energy transition will indeed require large-scale electrification of end-use sectors and a gradual decarbonization of the power sector.

Project description

The objective of this master project is to refine a tool and methods developed at IPESE-EPFL for the design and operation Buildings Energy Systems as a function of the evolution of the Grid.

This will require to improve the interface with the solver and to implement new graphical representation in order to

  • highlight the benefit of implementing district rather than building -scale strategies for the penetration of renewable energy.
  • integrate competing energy conversion technologies

The method and tool will be applied to provide guidelines for development of the Romande Energie electric network demonstrator (REel Demo) of Rolle.


  • Energy conversion systems knowledge (EPFL courses: Thermo I/II, Energy conversion, or equivalent)
  • Programming skills: Python or equivalent
  • Optimization (EPFL courses: Modelling and Optimization of Energy Systems or equivalent)

Other soft skills that are highly appreciated:

  • Mixed integer linear programming
  • Motivation, autonomy and self-organization
  • Ability to communicate results (oral and written)

How to apply

If interested, please take contact with Luise Middelhauve and Luc Girardin attaching your CV, Cover Letter and transcript of records (Bachelor’s and Master’s).

Practical information

The IPESE laboratory is located in the Sion EPFL campus. Travels from Lausanne to Sion are compensated by EPFL.