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  • Experimental validation of 3D micro-flow estimation methods
    by Michael LIEBLING on 14.07.2019 at 22:00

    Pulsatile flow patterns play an important role during development of the vertebrate circulatory system, in particular, the heart. Optical sectioning microscopy offers the possibility of imaging sections within developing embryos or larvae of animal models such as the zebrafish at high speed but imaging flow, which is inherently 3D, remains challenging. Several techniques have been proposed that build upon the assumption of a repetitive flow to record rapid image series at increasing (static) depths and, possibly orientations. However, the characterization and practical validation of these techniques remains superficial.

  • Speculative Internship Application
    by Idiap Research Institute on 01.01.1970 at 00:00

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Open Positions (PhD Student) Idiap Online Recruitment System