IBOIS aims to develop a next generation of timber construction using a wide range of timber products from natural wood resources to engineered products, such as Laminated Veneer Lumbers. Thanks to new technologies, such as robotics, new ways of designing structural elements can be imagined and implemented.

Civil Engineering Internship (100%)

We are looking for a civil engineering intern to join our team.

Intern will be ask to work under the direction of a PhD student, to help him/her in different tasks depending on his current research. Experimental tests and numerical models will be developed to determine the mechanical response of various timber elements, in order to satisfy the current standards for timber engineering.

About the lab’: The research carried out at IBOIS aims to provide answers to one of the main architectural challenges of our time, namely sustainable architecture. With growing awareness of the need to use renewable materials in building construction, timber has been increasingly popular among researchers. In fact, its use allows to satisfy the demands of contemporary architecture as well as the requirements for sustainable construction. Latest developments and innovations in this domain have shown high potential for the design of a new generation of timber structures. Integral mechanical attachments inspired by traditional woodworking joints allow the assembly of timber panels without mechanical fasteners or adhesive bonding, and digital fabrication and parametric geometries open up new dimensions for massive timber construction and prefabrication.

Required Profile

Profile: Master student in civil engineering with an interest for timber constructions.
Period: minimum 4 months
Appreciated Skills:
–    CAO & DAO (Rhinoceros, Cadwork, G-code, )
–    Calculation software (Abaqus, AcordBat, others…)
–    Programming (Mathlab, Python)
–    Latex, Word, French, English (min. B2 or equivalent)

Applications must be sent directly to Francine Sallin ([email protected]).